Scotty Clipse

Rag's Character


Level 2
HP: 33
AP: 9
AC: 13
Sequence: 18

Tagged skills: Barter, Repair, Energy Weapons and Doctor

Fresh from working the chop shops of the outer rim for chump change, Scotty knows little else then the workings of machines and has very little interest in politics. All he knows about the Empire and ‘the old republic’ is that one is here and the other was destroyed. Very keen to avoid the empire, make a quick couple of credits and see the Galaxy.

At 21, Scotty is a young man with a questionable chose of hair style. What he lacks on the surface he makes up with a quick mind and an unrivaled skill with starships!


Scotty has always worked in the shadier side of business. Even as a kid, he worked in the great chop shops of Tatooine, quickly cutting up whatever came in with utter precision as well as fitting the parts scavenged in the ships that needed to go in and out in as little time as possible. Scotty learned how to charm his mark for the best possible sale and how to catch a mark offguard to get the best possible prices for his parts. This caught the eye of Jabba the Hutt and he made Scotty the go to mechanic for the entire organisation by the age of 12.

Life was a good as it could be until his family began living beyond their means and borrowed money from Jabba. His parents assumed that with two of there sons in the organisation (his older brother was a minor enforcer for the Hutts) they would be granted a lot of slag. They misunderstood Jabba. When his parents couldn’t pay, Jabba ordered his older brother to be a member of a raid on an imperial centre where they collected the taxes for the sector before shipping it offworld. Naturally, Scotty volunteered to help his brother out. Given two weeks to prepare, Scotty learned how to handle a blaster with surprising ease, quickly becoming the fastest shot in the group.

Naturally though, Jabba had no intention of the raid being a success. He wanted the group to die by the precise shots of imperial storm troopers, Scotty was a fool for volunteering. Everyone but he had offended Jabba in one way or another. During training his brother had admitted that he had been taking a larger percentage of Jabba’s take and was discovered. While this wasn’t unusual, the debt the family owed forced Jabba’s hand. Thus, the raid was a slaughter. Despite the groups best efforts they were ambushed before they even got in (Scotty suspects that Jabba tipped them off) and most of the group including his brother were cut down before they could fire a shot in retaliation. He doesn’t really remember how, but Scotty managed to blast an exit route and get the hell out of there.

Now, his parents are being told to cough up twice what they borrowed or they and Scotty, would be met with an unfortunate set of circumstances. So without his repair business (Jabba learned that he volunteered for his brothers group and in his more sinister moments decided to ‘let him go’ of his services) Scotty volunteered as a mechanic for a group of bounty hunters, hoping to make a quick buck and to save his parents and himself from being yet another bounty offered by the Hutts.

Scotty Clipse

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