There are many species in space, many of them can be played. Each race has it’s own sets of strengths and weaknesses that apply to their SPECIAL array along with other advantages and disadvantages, if applicable.

The common array is 1-10 on all SPECIAL stats, different races may have bonuses/penalties to certain stats.

All races start speaking common and their racial language., for every 2 point over the average racial intelligence, a character can know another specie’s language

Every specie starts with 75% electricity resistance and gains perks every 3 levels unless specified otherwise


Humans (base) : Standard stat array +10 Skill points at level 1

Bothans: +2 agility, -2 endurance, 65% electric resist

Duros: +2 intelligence, -2 endurance, 65% electric resist

Ewok: +2 agility, +2 perception, -2 strength, cannot run.

Ithorians: +2 luck, +2 charisma, -2 agility,

Kel dor: +2 agility, +2 perception,-2 endurance. Must have protective goggles and Mask. 65% electric resist

Mon camalari: +2 intelligence, -2 endurance

Quareen: +2 endurance, -2 charisma, -2 perception. Can breathe underwater. 50 % electricity resistance.

Rodian: +2 agility, -2 charisma

sullustans: +2 agility, -2 endurance

trandoshans: +2 strength, -2 agility

twi’leks: +2 charisma, -2 perception

wookie: +4 strength, +2 endurance, -2 agility, -2 charisma, -2 intelligence, perks every 4 levels, additional 5 to all DR

Zabraks: Standard stat arrays +1 to any stat


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