Star Wars: Dark times

Post #1

The party was assembled onto the flagship of the enterprise. They were met by their current boss, Captain Than who gave them the details of their first assignment, one which would serve as a test to see if they earn the rights to their own ship.

They were sent on Latamba to pick up a crate of strange minerals from a mine that was abandoned quite a while back. Once on land the party quickly gathered information around town along with a few supplies from the store and made their way to the mine. After fighting waves upon waves of the small cat-like creatures that had infested the caves, the group managed to bring the minerals back, not before taking care of thiefs wanting to take the borrowed speeder for themselves.

Upon their return into town, the group confronted Butan at the bar who stormed off, talking about how he had bought the cats himself and brought them to the mines. They followed him out and shot him on the spot for what he had done, earning the praises of everyone around town.

Since then, the group was paid but it has now been a week and no news came from their employer.

Bonus XP:

100: everyone for sticking with me through a few technical issues.

no more cause I forgot to take notes of that kind of stuff in session and my memory blows, more bonus xp next time


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