Jacob Farri

Talos's Character


Level 1
Hp: 25
AP: 10
AC: 15
Sequence: 24

Tagged Skills: Energy Weapons, Science, Speech, Outdoorsman.

Hard Features cover the worn face of Jacob Ferri, he has lived a long life under Empire rule and can still remember a time when the galaxy was more liberal.

In his Sixty four years Jacob’s hair has grown grey, though he has managed to keep surprisingly agile for his age.


Jacob was once private security for a wealthy Twi’lek family in the core systems by the name of D’ukal, while he spent many years in the position he was later requested to aid a family friend in a research outpost on a remote world.

Jacob was against the idea at first, but the pay looked too grand to pass up. He took the assignment and found himself akin to the task, Jakkarai the Rodian was an able scientist and was eager to share his knowledge as Jacob made sure none of the local creatures disrupted the operation.

The job it self was simple enough, Jakkarai was testing the pheromones of different local creatures to understand their social habits, Jacob became more of an assistant then guard over the following years.

While on station he heard news that the family he had sworn to protect was attacked, and killed. Jacob and Jakkarai were greatly bothered by this, the assassination was suspect and the D’ukal family had few enemies.

Both men decided to abandon the research project and travel back to the core worlds to investigate the matter.

Through months of sifting through the galactic medial of the attack they found that not only had the D’ukal family indeed been assassinated, but the attack was being pinned on Jacob.

Jakkarai of course knew this not to be true, Jacob was sent to the Outer Rim while Jakkarai would try to prove his innocents in the core.

Jacob Farri

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