Earl Harken


Level 2
Hp: 42
AP: 9
AC: 13
Sequence: 20

Earl was born on one of the core worlds to a rather prosperous family. Things were going great until his father decided to back the Seperatists, and died on some baren would. Earl was just a kid, and saw his entire world collapse. His older brother was a jedi, and was killed when the unit of clones he was commanding turned on him and shot him down like a dog. Imperial troops siezed what was left of his father’s business and property, and Earl fled into the lower levels of his city. He got separated from his mother and younger sisters, and has not seen them since.

Earl eaked out a living in the slums, stealing what he could, working the odd job that came along. He found his way into one of the local gangs that was working for Monak the Hutt. Before long his apptitude with a blaster elevated him to more important jobs, and eventually became part of the crew of a smuggler. This is where Earl really learned his true passion, ships guns. There is no greater feeling than blasting a vessel into nothingness with a heavy quad blaster.


Earl Harken

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