Star Wars: Dark times

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The party was assembled onto the flagship of the enterprise. They were met by their current boss, Captain Than who gave them the details of their first assignment, one which would serve as a test to see if they earn the rights to their own ship.

They were sent on Latamba to pick up a crate of strange minerals from a mine that was abandoned quite a while back. Once on land the party quickly gathered information around town along with a few supplies from the store and made their way to the mine. After fighting waves upon waves of the small cat-like creatures that had infested the caves, the group managed to bring the minerals back, not before taking care of thiefs wanting to take the borrowed speeder for themselves.

Upon their return into town, the group confronted Butan at the bar who stormed off, talking about how he had bought the cats himself and brought them to the mines. They followed him out and shot him on the spot for what he had done, earning the praises of everyone around town.

Since then, the group was paid but it has now been a week and no news came from their employer.

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Jacob’s Private Log

Its been six months, since I left Jakkarai and the Core worlds behind, the few credits I have have gone quickly and I find my self looking for work. even out here on the Outer Rim, not many people will hire a gun on the run. I hope all is well with my Rodian friend.

Luck has it a new outfit is looking for a science officer for their crew, it seems shrouded with secretes but I’m getting desperate. If i apply what Jakkarai has taught me I think I can pass as a technician and see where this takes me.

A few days have passed and it seems I am accepted, the Enterprise arrived, my passage off this rock and further away from empire control. The ship is larger then any I have seen, perhaps even larger then the rumoured star destroyers that the empire is building.

No one is telling me anything on this ship, we have made multiple stops but I’m restricted from going planet side, at least the food is well constructed and the rooms are comfortable. I at least here the reach of the core worlds wont find me… unless they already know, a bounty as small as my own should not attract the attention of a ship this large.. just play it cool.

Was summoned to meet Captian Then today, a hard man, and quick to the point. He says this is a trial, a small job for future work. Should we succeed we will be given credits, as well as a ship. Looking about the group I’m not sure what to think, two other humans and an ewok. Is this some sort of joke?

We are to be dropped of on Latamba, a desolate rock much like Tatooine, ground is hard and life seems rough here. We are to go to an abandoned mine and pick-up a shipment of “None of our business”. Apparently the cloak and dagger style operation continues, as we are left in the dark. we have a contact named Klaatu, some kind of mechanic who has a speeder we can use planet side. We are also offered a safe house to use while planet side.

Latamba, is a large dust bowl, we have managed to complete the job, and have acquired some new resources while here. As soon as we are dropped off, I set about discussing our options to the others, our best bet to hit the safe house and take an assessment of our gear, and skills.

It seems Ranok the Ewok is some sort of pilot, while the furball seems questionable he seems confident in his own skills, even though I and the others are sceptical.

Scotty seems the most useful out of the lot. his skill with salvaging and repair can prove useful though in a fight… that night stick might not be of much use. He is a quite man, unlike the Ewok who blurts out alot of random gibberish about being able to fly anything.

Earl I am unsure of, he seems confident, and a solid side arm, he also claims to have skills at spaceship weaponry, perhaps this specialist will prove useful. Then again many specialists are just as dangerous to their team as they are useful.

Klatuu seems reasonable, he was willing to share what info he could about the mine and locals, and has offered his speeder, at least Intel is correct. Klatuu mentioned Stinky, a local miner who has stayed around town, we should question him first then speak to others of note in the town.

Stinky has offered a reward for retuning a missing data-pad with some mementos of his dead wife. perhaps if he is willing to pay some of the other residents will as well. cant hurt to ask, and we can learn more about the situation.

After talking around town, we have gained some support, and a few jobs, seems the local whore, Vi’na is willing to wave her fee should we return the mine to operation, and the general store owner George is willing to front some ammo and supplies to aid us. Klaatu even offered his flash light after some convincing.

a strange man named Butan seems to not want the mine cleared, suspicious…

The mine was indeed infested, we found some cat like creatures outside of the mine while we were camping, they went down easy, and it seems i showed off too much of my skill with a blaster. the others may ask questions. for now best to keep them focused on the job.

In the morning we stumbled upon the mine. we travelled in a tight formation killing the cats, the Ewok seemed to have trouble with his blaster, and earl could not fight his footing as the fights took place. it seemed i would once again have to show off my security background if nothing else to be able to survive this mine.

we lucked out, as ammo was running out we found an old mining laser, the energy cells converted to our blasters, and we were able to press forward.

Finally clearing the mine we took the shipment to the entrance, stripping what valuables we could as we left. I am glad at least there are no moral objections to taking what we can while the credits are tight.

It seems i was right about wanting to hide the speeder, as some locals noted it in the desert heat. they came to steal it, and threatened our shipment. I couldn’t have that and opened fire while they were talking, its not like this fight wouldn’t come to blood shed.

Before they could react on of them were shot to the point where he could barley stand. The others followed suit and we soon had a small fire fight on our hands… that is I had expected them to have blasters, or bolt pistols. The locals were so desperate they came at us with mere wrenches.

Sadly the speeder was damaged in the fight, one of the mooks smashed the tail light.

Klaatu was pissed but we did not have the money to repay him, yet, and it seemed the others were against it anyway, I guess there is little honour amongst thieves, or at least mercs. I’ll pay him what i can out of my share but will not take full responsibility of the damage my self.

Most of the town was happy about the news the mine was cleared, except Butan who swore in Rodian about the price of the cats, I jumped to the conclusion he was behind the mine shut down in the first place and followed him out drawing my blaster. He was tough but put up little fight, dropping prone i was able to steady my shots to put him down before he ran out of view.

Taking lead of the finances with Scotty’s help we sold what was not needed and split up the credits evenly. With my share i had enough to sell my pistol and purchase a more powerful rifle, as credits and power cells were in short supply i figured i should make every shot count.

Now time to collect my reward from Vi’na, I must admit after working for Twileks for so long I have always wondered what it would be like to lie with one… I guess tonight is my lucky night.

It has been a week now still waiting for our pick-up. from what I can tell out group of rag tag members are in for alot of trouble. while i was impressed with Scotty’s brash attitude and ability to stick to the front lines, it was reckless and got him badly injured through our first job. Ranok seemed capable with lowtech weapons, and perhaps he will prove even more useful with a blaster. Earl i cant help but show a bit of disappointment. the Specialist seemed to be very sloppy in a fire-fight, despite his ability to shoot as a hastened space he managed to miss over half his shots.

I will continue to watch the grown of these youngsters, perhaps with time they will prove my initial assessments wrong. meanwhile i only hope that Jakkarai is keeping himself safe and that he is successful in his fight for my innocents.

Post #1

Scotty’s Diary Entry #1

If..uh.. if someone happens to come across this diary if..if something should happen, then send it on to the hutts. Maybe it’ll buy the folks some time.. anyway i guess i should get to whats happened.

So after accepting the bounty job they sent me to this pretty big ship named the enterprise. Not exactly sure what class this ship is but it must be worth a planet’s worth of credits in parts. Foods not bad, apparently some of the guys have been on this ship longer then I.

After a week on-board. I finally got called to meet the captain of this fine organisation. Along with me came 3 other guys, my teammates. I’d seen em a couple of times in the canteen but not really spoken to em. The captain told us that he would be sending us on a “test” mission. Retrieve some valuable cargo from some mine on some planet and bring it to the surface for retrieval. Sounds easy enough. But the mine had been abandoned due to some “cat creatures”. Even then it sounded easy. Especially for a 1000 credits each and further employment via our own ship! We were totally up for it.

So planetside on Latamba, which reminded me so much of home. We made for the safehouse the company provided. Looks comfortable enough, definitely not as bad as some of the places i had to stay in. And we had a quick group meeting to introduce eachother. Since we’re working together for the foreseeable future, seemed a good place to start.

The old timer, Jacob seemed the logical choice for out leader on planet. The old timer knows his way around a planet. And as our science officer, seems like he knows whats up. Also, that blaster of his looks surprisingly well looked after.

Ranok the Ewok is just..what? The lil’ fuzzball is supposed to be our pilot.. i mean he seems confident but.. he’s an ewok.

Earl seems the most bounty huntery out of the group. Guys seems to know his way around a weapon, have no idea what he did before..mind you none of us have been very forward about his own background. ‘Spose it’s only necessary.

After that we headed to the canteen, as Jacob gathered intel i got to talking to Ranok for a bit. Apparently he was captured and enslaved as a pilot for a couple of years before escaping. It puts my mind slightly at ease.

Intel gathered, we headed over to the general store. My haggling skills must be a little rusty, this guys prices were through the roof! Got myself a flashlight and managed (much to my own surprise) to convince the tight sod to sponsor us with a wrist thrower, blots and some blaster ammo. Ranok tried to “borrow” us some more ammo. But the guy caught him. We managed to us Ranok’s alieness to cover it up thank god.

Supplies ready. We returned to our contact. A guy obsessed with his speeder that we had to borrow. He gave us the map we needed and even a spare flashlight and we headed out to the mine.

Though with Ranok’s questionable piloting mixed with Jacob’s inablity to read a map, we got stuck in the desert for the night. We got attacked by the same cat things that overran the mine. They seemed easy enough though, as we slaughtered them pretty easily. I have to say though, Jacob is awesome with a blaster.. a little too good for some “scientist”. I haven’t questioned about this yet, i mean, every man’s got his secrets right? But..i might ask anyway. Seems like an interesting story there.

In the morning we finally stumbled across the mine. We kinda left the speeder where it was, despite Jacob insisting on hiding the thing.

The rest as pretty much a standard search and clear..well..we had a few issues. Pretty much from the get go, Ranok’s blaster just exploded beyond anything, so i gave him my wrist thrower and went with the old trusty nightstick. Earl couldn’t quite seem to hit anything besides the mine walls..surprised we didn’t suffer a cave in to tell you the truth.

Without a gun of any sort, it was up to me to be on the front lines. I’m pretty good at the bashing it turns out.. though the creature were pretty good too! I got torn up pretty badly a couple of times, but my comrades seem to know some first aid thankfully. Also, Jacob just tore through them with amazing accuracy. Definately experience through age.

Eventually, we secured the cargo and found some worthwhile loot. When we got back to the entrance a couple of nice friendly faces greeted us. They wanted the speeder. Before much could really be said. Jacob drew his blaster and fired! If this guy ain’t some kind of gunslinger i’d eat this damn nightstick! After smashing a guys head apart, the rest of the fight ended swiftly. But not before the guy smashed a gasp tail light! Dun dun dun!

So when we got back, the guy flew a tantrum demanding we pay for it..blah..blah..blah. I can’t fix a tail light without a spare and fuck this guy. Without a fucking word I left to get a drink and the rest of the bounty. The other guys must have agreed cuz they followed me without a word too. Only Jacob. He decided to try and calm the guy down!

So at the bar, Jacob collected a reward. And taunted the guy that seemed happy about the mines closure. The guy stormed out, but not before cursing in some language. Jacob never ceasing to amaze chased the guy out and motioned for us to follow. With a word of warning, the guys started blasting and I managed to bonk the guy on the head. As he ran, i managed to cut the guy off before Jacob and co blasted him to smithereens.

So, cargo delivered and pay received, we’re still waiting for pick up a week later. I brought myself a decent blaster and some ammo for the jobs ahead. Though got nothing left for the folks back home. I hope we get picked up and get rolling soon cuz my family needs that money.

Post #1

So I finally get to meet the Captain of this ship, and get to meet the rest of my team. You have got to be shitting me. An old man, a grease jockey and a frickin’ teddy bear. I keep waiting for Captain Than to bust out laughing at this joke, but no, he is serious. Now my future is stuck with this band of misfits. Great.

So apparently we are going to be dropped off on some backwoods planet somewhere and need to retrieve some cargo from an abandoned mine. Sounds too easy, bound to be a catch somewhere. Oh, right, it is swarming with some kind of large felines. Un-fing-believable.

So the first thing we do after hitting planet side is to check out our safe house and go over our skills and equipment. Jacob is our engineer, but he looks a little to comfortable with that blaster, Scotty is a scrounger, and didn’t even bring a blaster! Oh, and get this, the furry rat is our pilot. The Ewok is our pilot, now I have heard it all. How did I end up here, oh right, never mind.

After our heart to heart, we go to see our contact, and find out a little about this rock. This guy is going to be a pain, I just feel it, but at least he gave us a name of the only miner left on this dust bowl, so we headed to the cantina to shake him down a bit. Jacob made up some excuse about losing a bet to go talk to Stinky, and I found a spot at the bar where I could watch those two and the door, just in case of trouble.

Jacob got him to offer us some credits to retrieve a data pad for him, and we went over to the general store to pick up some supplies. While we were shopping, the stupid little, soon to be a fur hat, Ewok tried to pocket and energy cell while the store owner was looking right at him. I quickly grabbed him by the ear and dragged him out of the store while Scotty tried to calm to owner down.

Once I got Ranok out of the shop, I pushed him against the wall. “You stupid little furball. What were you thinking? If you are going to steal something, let me know ahead of time and I will create a diversion. Don’t just try to pocket something with the owner looking right at you.” To his credit, he looked a little embarrassed, and agreed with me. Maybe there is hope for him yet.

Jacob and Scotty managed to get the shopkeep to give us some ammo and weapons to help clear out the mine, so we headed over to pick up the landspeader. We all strongarmed Klatuu, and got him to lend us his lucky flashlight, and then off into the desert we went. Ranok was doing fine, but Jacob was holding our map upside down, and we got lost in the desert for a day, so we had to set up camp without any proper supplies.

Ranok woke us up in the middle of the night, and we could hear some growls in the darkness. Jacob and Scotty started scanning the area and we found our first cat creatures. We handled ourselves well, especially Jacob, I wonder what his story is? The next morning we got to the mine, and were quickly attacked by some more of the creatures.

Damn Ranok! His blaster blew up right next to me, and the frickin’ coolant from the blaster splashed my face and caused my eyes to start burning. I could barely see for the next hour, and was having a hell of a time hitting anything, and since I couldn’t see the energy level on the blaster, it kept overheating and I could smell the damn thing melting on me. But we had a job to do, and I kept doing my best.

Eventually we found our cargo and made it out of the cave, just in time to catch a few local morons trying to steal our ride. With wrenches no less. I like Jacobs style, he didn’t waste much time with talking, just started blasting. My blaster is almost useless at this point, and the damn thing jammed and the cell in it melted right through the handle. I dropped the damn thing and just knocked the guy out in front of me. The battle ended quickly and back to town we went.

My eyes were starting to clear up, but my vision was still blurry, and the bright desert sun wasn’t helping. We dropped off the landspeader, and just ignored Klatuu’s complaints about the few dings, and headed to the cantina. Jacob told the Rodian we had cleared the mine, and he looked pissed, and left the cantina. Jacob told us to follow him, he brought the cats in. A couple of shots later, and he was dead, and we relieved him of his caps.

The general store owner was quite pleased, and gave us a significant discount on his wares, which was good because I needed a new blaster, and got a serious heavy duty number. I can’t wait to show these guys what I can do once my eyes have cleared up. Damn Ewok!

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